Tu nájdete masterclasses od našich speakerov

Georgie Bell - The Future of Whisk(e)y

In the next 30 minutes we’ll be exploring the future of whisk(e)y from a flavour and knowledge perspective. We will talk about flavour decisions made by companies, distillers, and yourselves to shape what and how you drink, and what you know about your drink.

Wendy Stoklasová - Wellness for Bartenders

In this virtual seminar you will learn how to effectively combine your private and professional life and how to create a better work environment for your employees.

Lousy Auber - Photography

During Lousy's masterclass you will learn what it means to capture the right moment, how to be unique in your profession and how to link seemingly unconnectable worlds.

Peter Marcina - Cups and their Customs

How can you create the perfect serve? With creativity, imagination and curiosity applied to creating bespoke glassware, you can enhance the guest experience. All this and more in this episode.

Margaret Starka - Employee & Employer

Margaret’s role is to develop the potential in people by using an innovative approach and a human touch. Her lecture is suitable for everybody from the bar, restaurant and distribution industries. Whether you are a bartender, a server or a business owner, this seminar is for you.

Joe Schofield - Creating Opportunities

Joe will share his thought process on how to Create Opportunities, which has led him to start a business, write a book, travel the World with events and more.